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The Age of Dr. Now!

In Emergency Medicine, Hospital Management on November 4, 2010 at 00:04

People don’t just buy what they need anymore, but what they want. That’s marketing. But a funny thing is happening in Emergency Medicine. On top of the real emergencies, many people start using the E.R. when it suites them. They go see the doctor, because they want to at that time. That’s how one week old contusions, four hour wounds and three month old back aches make it to the E.R. “I just visited my Mom here, and I thought, you know, it’s tuesday night, I’ve got nothing much going on, why don’t I go get that blurry eye checked out now? Saves me a second ride to the Hospital and I’ve got nothing to do right now anyways. It’s been four weeks now. It think. Might have been five. Can you refill my PPI prescription too, please? – Oh! Look at that guy bleeding! What? You’r taking him before me? I’ve been here for over an hour, and he’s just arrived! Nice Emergency Room you’ve got, Doctor!
And yeah, you know, it’s really bothering me today, and face it, I’ve got no where else to go now, Doc! You can’t refuse to have look at me, can you? Not in Europe Anyway.
And that’s kind of true. There’s no real alternative at that kind of time. No other doctor will see you. And you can’t say it’s not really bad without having looked at it. So they’ve got you between a rock and a hard place.
More and more, the population of the E.R. are people looking for Dr. Now.
I want a consultation with a doctor, and I want it NOW.
That’s right.
Can you imagine?