My name is Christophe LAURENT. I’m a doctor,  in everyday life, and I work in the Emergency Room of teaching hospital in Belgium. But I’m just the other guy. The line “cogito, ergo blogo” is a “faux”-latin line. and a spoof of “cogito, ergo sum”, (I think, therefore I am) that was uttered by René Descartes, though he did it in French really (je pense, donc je suis). But in stead of blogging, at that time, you wrote in French to reach the French. And later only, he translated the phrase into latin, so that he could reach the rest of the (probably English speaking) world.

I’m a doctor, I think, not really as a hobby, but rather compulsively. (For instance, it is now 4.19 a.m.).  I, as many others, cannot stop my mind from thinking away from the here and now. Partially because it’s fun. But mostly because I’m the extremely curious type, and I have always been captivated by the “what if ” aspect of things. I think for that reason, this blog could be a lot of fun for me. And it could be a forensic look into my mind for you. Imagine that …

I have been influenced by my peers, and have assimilated that if you think, and want to think ahead, you might as well share.


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